Beyond Moons,
Beyond Stars

Step into the shadows of SafeLunar, where secrets whisper in the blockchain's depths and fortunes await those who dare to dream. Beyond moons, beyond stars, a lunar odyssey shrouded in mystery beckons.


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A decentralized meme token launching on the Ethereum Blockchain, committed to providing a secure and trustworthy lunar journey in the cryptocurrency space.

Why SafeLunar? We believe that as the developers behind any project, you have to look at yourself from the perspective of an investor. We ask ourselves, 'What would we seek in an investment? What level of security and trust would we demand? What potential for growth and success would we anticipate? By placing ourselves in the investor's shoes, we ensure that 'SafeLunar' is not just a name, but a commitment. Also, with the experience we have as developers, we firmly believe that paying attention to the aspects mentioned above and thinking as investors, we can create a successful project.

Security & Transparency: At SafeLunar, our code is beginner-friendly, guaranteeing security. We've renounced ownership prior to launch, locked liquidity for a year, and proudly partner with SolidProof, BlockSAFU, and Revoluzion, who serve as our audit partners. We also collaborate with PinkSale for KYC verification


At SafeLunar, we’ve designed our tokenomics with simplicity and investor-friendly principles in mind. The Buy/Sell/Transfer Tax is 0/0%, This means you can invest and trade without incurring any additional fees.


Total Supply


Tokens for Presale


Tokens for LP


Renounced Locked Tokens

Liquidity Lock: Liquidity Locked for 365 Days (1 Year)


Phase 1

  • Pre-Launch Marketing
  • PinkSale Pre-Sale
  • Post-Launch Marketing
  • SafeLunar Launch

Phase 2

  • Marketing Campaign
  • Partnerships
  • 5000+ Holders
  • Certik Audit

Phase 3

  • Top Tier CEXs
  • 10000+ Holders
  • Expand Partnerships
  • 100m$ MarketCap

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